The Neophiliac

Trapped in a life no less than a mundane maze,
Nothing to pique her interest
Nor catch her gaze,
She plunges into the unknown,
The seeds for the rest of her life having just been sown.

Starry eyed, the world at her feet,
Grit surging through her anew,
Woes hit her as hard as sleet,
Her elaborate plans now all askew.

Always one to chart her own course,
Marching to the beat of her own drum,
An inexplicable urge stemming from an inner source
A leap she takes,
For just a moment, forgetting the stakes…

She makes yet another attempt,
To try and forge ahead
On this path of which she dreamt,
Not settling for another in its stead.

The novelty has long since waned,
In its place now the familiar feeling of dread
It’s all she can do to keep herself from getting drained.
To keep herself from snapping, akin to a thread.

Up to this new challenge she must rise,
From its claws, victory she must prise;
Rise she does, fiercer and bolder,
With the fire in her belly,
Continuing to smoulder…

Written on December 8, 2018